Download PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Beta Version- New Zombie Mode

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PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update is likely to introduce a host of new elements and features. PUBG Mobile is all set to get new weapons like a riot shield, a new zombie mode and helicopters in the lobby. There are also new customisation options for your avatar and by the looks of it, a dog companion.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Beta Version- New Zombie Mode

The footage reveals the UI of the game will be changed in the upcoming update. Gun schematics will be more detailed and there will be dog companions in the loading lobby. The new UI changes the way maps and modes are displayed. It looks more seamless and not as cluttered as before.

The new Zombie mode is at present unclear as to what it is and how it works. The text was in Chinese in the footage leaked in the video, but it joins the Zombie Darkest Night and Zombie Survive Till Dawn 2 along with the new Team Death Match mode.

Speaking of Team Death Match, more weapons are being added to the mode. We spotted AWM and Level 3 armour strewn around the arena, which should make this more fun


There are also helicopters in the lobby and we don’t know why. They are ready to lift off but you can’t do anything on them, neither are they present in any of the maps. It could be that PUBG is teasing a new collaboration but we will have to wait for more details.

Download Beta 0.14

Download For iso {Safari}

Furthermore, there will be more options to customise the voice of the in-game chat and there are new backpack skins to choose from. The weapons armoury is also updated with more detailed schematics of all the guns. There’s also a riot shield, which you can probably use and it should be able to block bullets from the front.

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